Montag, 20. Januar 2014

My first concert review in English


today I wanna try something new. This will be my first post written in English and my first concert review and I'm pretty interested in what you think about. Should my future posts be in English or German?

Last Friday I've been to my first concert in 2014 and it was a great kick-off. Dead Sirius 3000 in Cologne. It was 'awesome' ;)
They played at the "Stadtgarten". Before they played there was another band. It was local band from Cologne called Telekid Cologne. I haven't known them before but I have to say that they were actually really good.
After they were done it was time for Dead Sirius 3000, 3 crazy guys from Finland and you have to love them for being like they are, no chance to not love them. :) Funny as hell and absolutely great musicians.
They played a mix of songs from their first album ("Get Sirius") and songs from Petteri's solo albums. I liked the mix. My only wish would have been that the whole event should have started a bit earlier and that the guys would have played a tiny little bit longer.
Unfortunately the crowd wasn't that big but I think that the atmosphere was pretty good.
These guys are great and I just can recommend them and their music. They are originally from Finland. Jukka Backlund (drums), Petteri Sariola (Vocals/Guitar) and Tapio Backlund (Bass).
Where I know them from? Well, Jukka is the former keyboardist from Sunrise Avenue. I 've heard Petteri for the first time when he recorded the song "All by myself" together with Osmo Ikonen. And actually I have to say that I haven't really "known" Tapio before Dead Sirius 3000 or more precisely I haven't know what he does.
Just listen to their music and you know why I like them so much. It is much fun to see them on stage, to see how much fun they have. And they are really nice.
I would mostly describe them as a rock band even if it's a mix of some different styles.
All of them are great musicians. Take a listen to their music, you'll love them.
I have to admit that I'm pretty much into guitars and Petteri is definitely one of the greatest guitarist I've ever seen. (I also have to recommend Petteri's solo albums. Just take a listen to them too.)

I know it's just a very short review of the concert but nevertheless I hope you liked it.

Now I'll wait for your comments, mails, tweets etc. I'm curious what you think about the guys, and of course what you think about that I know write in English. Let me know what you think. What can I improve?
Have a nice evening.


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